Welcome to CAASinc!!

Some of the Art Society committee and Dallas Frakking, Centralian Advocate (photo by Justin Brierty, Centralian Advocate)

Recognise anyone?  You are now viewing the new CAAS  website.  We have launched this site focused around the blog, since that was the most used, and commented on, portion of the old site.  Many of the features on our old site are also here on this one, such as the portfolio pages for members, the ‘Billboard’ which is now called ‘CAAS Noticeboard’, our contact information, membership info, donations and calendar etc.  In addition we now have the added feature of  ‘comment’ input, which we hope you will utilise if you wish to communicate with us.  Also you will need to ‘sign up’ to receive notices of updates on this new site.  We won’t bother you with update notices if you haven’t signed up for it.   No further updates will be made to the old website, but it will remain on the net for a couple more months, so that if you forget our new address https://caasinc.wordpress.com  you can go to the old site and find your way here using the links on the Welcome page or the blog page. This new site is cleaner and simpler to view, but may still take some getting used to.  Give it a chance and let us know if you have any particular problems.