2012 Portrait of Senior Territorian

Iain with Josie and painting (2009 winner)

If you would like to either sit for a portrait for the 2012 Portrait of a Senior Territorian, or if you’d like to be the artist, check out the info on the CAAS noticeboard page to register your interest.  CAAS artists have a good history of success with this prize in recent years so let the world hear from you if you’d like to be involved.

Your Art Shed

'Your work here'

Come have a 'cuppa'


For those of you who have patiently awaited the building and finishing of the new Art Shed, and those of you who have impatiently waited (most of us), things are moving along very nicely.  All four studio spaces are now rented and the exhibition space is looking better by the week.  Let us know what kinds of activities you would like to see starting to take place at the Shed and what special skills you think you might have that you can help facilitate things.  Most Sundays we have Life Drawing going on, and most Tuesdays and Thursdays there are still working bees to help finish things off.  Let’s hear from you, via this blog or live and in person, it’s your club and your Shed!