Your inner Artist

If you’ve been thinking about bringing your ‘inner artist’ out to play, have a think about joining one of the CAAS activities at the Art Shed.  Life Drawing for 2012 commences this week and there’s always room for one more ( ).

By Cameron Morgan                                          from ‘The Occasionals’ group

The ‘Long Pose’ meet mid-week if you are interested in the Life Model experience but for a longer session, more conducive to painting or sculpting ( initial contact: )…And then there is the Beginner’s Watercolour Workshop, current session is full, but put your name on the list

(use this link )  for future sessions.

Beginners’ Watercolour Workshop

We’d love to see you!!

One comment on “Your inner Artist

  1. MarkW says:

    What a wonderful start we experienced today at the Watercolour Workshop. There was such energy and enthusiasm in a non-threatening environment. Carol proved a great teacher too.

    Outside of Life Drawing this is the first official use of our new shed. It is fitting that Cameron’s painting (above) at The Occasionals group also carries such energy depicting our beautiful model who sadly will depart soon for a cooler clime.

    Wonderful work was done this week by the usual volunteers to make so many fine improvements to the Shed facility.

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