We’re here for you!

Road to Rainbow Valley, digital ‘watercolour’by Ardys Zoellner

Recently I have been reminded that our relatively ‘new’ blog can still be a confusing minefield for people.  At the risk of boring you all silly, I thought I would explain again how the blog works and how you can use it.  First, and foremost, it is designed with our members in mind and it is for that reason we migrated from our previous website format which included a blog, to primarily a blog format which includes website ‘pages’.  The blog was previously the most talked about, and popular, part of the website, but there was no provision for interaction.  The new blog format has the capacity for you to subscribe, but even if you are not a subscriber, you can leave a comment on a particular posting.  We felt the opportunity for members to interact was worth making the changes.

To subscribe to the blog you will need to select the ‘follow blog by email’ button on the right hand side of the Home page, and enter your email address.  You will be sent an email that you will need to ‘confirm’ if you wish to complete the process.  If this does not happen, please try again.  For some reason not understood by myself or the blog host, this occasionally takes a couple of tries.  If you are still not successful, or if you have any other problems with the blog, please contact myself and I will address the issues. (ardys@ozemail.com.au)

You are also invited to send us information which you would like put on the CAAS noticeboard page, or which may be appropriate to be a home page posting.  The criteria we try to follow are:  1.) to give Members priority 2.) to emphasise local information 3.) to share information we feel is of particular interest to our members.  The only other criteria to which we try to adhere is that of including a photo or photo of artwork, if you wish your information to appear on the home page of the blog.  Since we are a visual art organisation we feel that it is more visually stimulating to have pictorial content with the blog content.  If you are in doubt, please send the information to me and we can discuss it on a case by case basis.  You may write the information into paragraph form, or send me the details and I can write it up.

Please don’t be shy about contacting me if you would like publicity for something or if you are having a problem with some aspect of the blog or its pages.  We welcome your comments on the home page postings and look forward to hearing from you in future!

(By the way, if any of you has a photo of your work that you would be happy for me to use on a generic posting, such as this one, in exchange for your name as a credit, please email them to me.  I am often in need of such works and would rather use someone else’s than my own but am concerned about permission from artists)

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