Walk in the Art, 2012

The concluding unique event at our annual Advocate Art Award is the ‘Walk’ where artists share with interested members and visitors aspects of their art practice and exhibit.  To close, afternoon tea was kindly provided by our committee member Françoise and daughter.

The People’s Choice Award, to the value of $1200 was shared between Sheriden Appel and Jenny McFarland for their popular metal sculpture entry titled “Summer’s Bluff”.  Congratulations to both Sheriden and Jenny.

We wish to sincerely thank Nathan King, Exhibitions Officer at Araluen who not only curated the exhibition but conducted the  ‘Walk’ when at the last-minute our president Ron fell ill.

Finally the Special Voters’ Prize, the painting generously donated by Papunya Tula Artists was won by Henry Smith. Congratulations Henry!

Advocate 2012 Won by First Time Entrant!

The Central Australian Art Society wishes to thank all of you who participated in our annual 2012 exhibition.  You may have been an entrant, a  supporter of our Opening Night or perhaps a  prize donor.  You may even have been a visitor to town who stumbled across our exhibition.  A special thanks to Betty Davies who again performed as our tireless Art Award Co-ordinator and to the manager of the Centralian Advocate, Dallas Frakking for his ongoing personal and financial support without which we could not host this event.

This year’s major prize at the Advocate Art Award, 2012, The Excellence Award  to the value of $2500 has been won by Walter M. Nickels with his entry “Beautiful Fantastic Partytime”. Walter describes his work as glitter paint on canvas.

Walter with his Award. Beautiful Fantastic Partytime

Walter M. Nickels, winner 2012 Advocate Art Award: The Excellence Award

All Photos, unless stated otherwise, kindly supplied by Justin Brierty, Senior Photographer, The Centralian Advocate

© 2012 The Centralian Advocate.

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