From The President


Ron Talbot, CAAS President

Ron Talbot, CAAS President

It’s been a busy month with lots to do but now that the weather has turned we are setting our sites on activities both within and outside the CAAS headquarters.

Sunday 28th April was the last meeting before our Annual General Meeting. I’d like to take this opportunity of thanking the current CAAS committee members for all of their efforts over the past year.  It has been a honour to work with such a talented and dedicated group of people, all of whom have made a huge contribution to the development of CAAS over the last year.

Please show your support for the Art Society by attending the AGM  3.00pm Sunday 5th May at our headquarters in Crispe St.

Just as we were starting to gear up for this year’s Advocate Art Award, Scott James (General Manager of the Centralian Advocate) informed me that they will not be able to provide the same level of cash sponsorship that we have previously enjoyed.  Myself and other key committee members subsequently met with executive members of the Centralian Advocate and the upshot is that they will provide the following sponsorship for this year’s event:

  • Excellence Prize $2,000
  • People’s choice Prize $1,000
  • In-kind support via the newspaper.

CAAS will top up the Excellence Prize to its current level of $2,500 and the People’s Choice to its current level of $1,200.  Unfortunately the cash prizes for the three categories (Faces, Place, Stories) were left unfunded.  However, the CAAS committee has been active in seeking out new sponsors for these categories and is pleased to announce the following sponsorships:

  • Faces Prize –   $800 sponsorship from Bellette Media
  • Places Prize –  $800 sponsorship from Chapman & Bailey
  • Stories Prize – $800 sponsorship from 8Hele Gallery.

So, after a short period of uncertainty, we can now say that the 2013 Advocate Art Award will definitely be going ahead.  I  encourage members to be considering their entries and to keep an eye on our Blog and your email accounts for further updates.

We are now very close to gaining a Certificate of Occupancy for our headquarters.  This has proven to be a fairly long and complex process, one that has plenty of pitfalls for the unwary.  However, through the dedication and persistence of some committee members we have been able to push through some significant barriers to a point where we now only have some paperwork to finalise plus pass a final inspection.  We’ll keep you informed of progress.

The committee is developing a programme of activities for the rest of 2013.  Building certification demands have set back this important task but we hope to have a copy of our updated 2013 calendar available to members very soon.  We have started to target individual members to see if they are interested in holding an exhibition at the shed.  Contact any committee members if you are interested otherwise keep an eye on the CAAS Blog or your email for more details.

Speaking of activities, many of you will know that CAAS turned 50 this year.  Being able to sustain a voluntary organization for 50 years is a remarkable achievement and this milestone can’t be taken lightly. We are in the process of organising a 50-year birthday celebration to occur later in the year.  Dugald Beattie is the main co-ordinator for this event and will contacting members for their input and support as things develop.

A very successful Life Drawing workshop (facilitated by the talented Manuela Pilz, an art teacher from the Gold Coast)  has just concluded at the Art Shed.  It was very pleasing to see such a well-organised and well-attended activity happening at the Shed.

Until next time … Happy Art

Ron Talbot


May 1st

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