EXPANDING THE ARTISTIC APPROACH – April Life Drawing Workshop Report


A Study of Concentration

The recent Life Drawing Workshops held at The Art Shed were well received by local artists keen to get an opportunity to expand on their methods of approaching figure drawing.

Classes commenced with a rapid succession of short model poses to be captured in essence by the artist. Workshop tutor Manuela Pilz introduced various techniques of mark-making, type of medium and its application, through to evoking more emotion by empathising with the model’s mood and posture to add to one’s artistic ‘tool-kit’ to help invigorate the drawing process.

Both workshops were highly intensive, with each artist getting a chance to try a variety of ways to approach Life Drawing with constructive feedback.

We sincerely wish to thank Manuela for conducting these highly enjoyable workshops.

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2 comments on “EXPANDING THE ARTISTIC APPROACH – April Life Drawing Workshop Report

  1. Brooke Richter-Cross says:

    Hi, I have just moved back to Alice after a 15 year absence and for the last couple of years have enjoyed working part time as a life model. I would be interested to know if there is any work of this type available in Alice and thought you might be the group to ask. If you have any leads that may help me continue on this path I would love to hear from you. Cheers, Brooke.

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