Life drawing workshops Sat. Sept. 7 & 14

Manuela Pilz is returning this weekend. If you missed her April workshops you are getting a second chance! However we suspect that many from April will wish to return. So .. don’t delay. Time is short. Carpe diem. Contact Manuela directly.  (Click to enlarge)

SeptemberLDworkshopPilz poster

Sat. Sept. 7 – ” The Measure of Things”
9.30am – 1pm

This is a drawing workshop designed for artists who would like to revisit the techniques and strategies for measuring and improving proportion when drawing the human form. Not only will we revise methods you know but I hope to introduce you to a few new ones too. The challenge is keeping a drawing loose, free and dynamic whilst checking proportion at the same time. We will be doing exercises that will encourage both. Bring a selection of drawing materials and paper.

Sat. Sept. 14 – ” The Draped Figure”
9.30am – 1pm

This  workshop will combine the figure and drapes and at times clothes. So often we study the human form in life drawing classes but when we have to draw a form with clothes on we get stuck. I’d like to spend the day introducing you to the main drape forms to help you recognise them and then simplify them and then do some long poses, putting what we have learnt into practice. The model will at times be nude, semi- draped and at other times clothed.

Contact Manuela directly to book your place. You may request a single workshop, but priority will be given for those enrolling in both.

Manuela at-


m: 0466 662 712