What Lies Beneath Exhibition – Bean & Al Strangeways

Opening: Crispe St Gallery

Friday 18th October 5PM


Sat. 19th Oct. 10am – 3 pm        Sun. 20th Oct. 10am – 3pm

Sat. 26th Oct. 10am – 3 pm        Sun. 27th Oct. 10am – 3pm

This exhibition endeavours to create opportunities for the viewer to look at the outsides of things, and ask, ‘what lies beneath?’ but also to be offered images of what actually does ‘lie beneath’.


Too often we live our lives at a surface level, caught up in the day-to-day, rarely managing to find space or inclination to pause and contemplate what lies beyond the surface, or, conversely, to examine the ways in which the surfaces or coverings of things work to protect, obscure or reveal.

The interplay between these interpretations of exoskeletons and exoskeletons of the natural and man-made world is intended to work further to create the spaces where de-familiarisation of the over-familiar can occur and new questions can be raised and insights, perhaps, gained.

The works will draw on the established subjects, themes and techniques of the artists’ usual practice, but will also venture into new territories:  there will be works that result from dialogic practice between the artists, in terms of different responses to common stimuli or charting a shared journey towards understanding; Al will also be exploring still life and staged ‘message’ or ‘genre’ works, in a departure from her usual naturalistic subject matter, and she will present works on paper (drawing and watercolour) in addition to her usual oil on canvas practices.  Bean will present photographic works, but will also develop his recent enthusiasms of digital comics and digital art to present works in these forms.