Have you ever grumbled that watercolour is too hard?
Learn to wrestle with the medium and win.


Facilitated by Carol Adams

Date: Sunday 19th October
9:00am sharp – 12ish
Art Shed, Crispe St
Open to:
Members only
Cost: $10 to  participate or donation at the door to watch
Participant numbers limited. Unlimited observers.
Participants now full, but still come to observe.


Notes are included

 Here’s what’s covered

  • the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of paper, brushes and paint
  • qualities of the paint that influence its use.
  • controlling water – 3 considerations
  • getting paint onto and off the paper
  • painting sequence
  • losing, finding and controlling edges
  • controlling whites
  • working with flat and graded washes.
  • special effects and texture.

river bank

See the experts on DVD clips

What participants need to bring:

  • old jar for water
  • lead pencil – any kind
  • any kind of brushes  (up to about  Size 8)
  • piece of stiff board or cardboard  – approx A4 size – to support the paper
  • something to lean and slant the board (eg piece of wood)
  • masking tape (narrow or medium)
  • Watercolour paints if you have them.

I will bring the rest.


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