Art Evening: Thursday 19th March, 6.30PM

The late art critic Robert Hughes’s most famous accomplishment may have been “The Shock of the New,” his exhilarating eight-part documentary charting the history of modernism. It’s worth watching (or re watching)  “The Mona Lisa Curse”, Hughes’s 2008 BBC documentary on the rise of the art market, to remember just how fearlessly combative he could be.


“The Mona Lisa – the most famous painting in the world. A masterpiece of Renaissance art. And yet behind its smile lies a curse. Her image is so familiar that it has become deprived of meaning. The Mona Lisa has been transformed from artwork into celebrity icon.” – Opening to ‘The Mona Lisa Curse’ by Robert Hughes.

Please join us at the Art Shed at 6.30PM. We have experimented with 6P and 7P starts. Both have supporters and detractors. So let’s try a 6.30P start. The video runs for 1 hr 14 mins. Bring your dinner, a snack or a plate to share. Glass of wine is available.

Issues, questions? Call Mark on 0428 478 143

Hope to see you!