From the President, June 2016 


Greetings to members,

It has been a delight to welcome the new members to the CAAS Committee and I am looking forward to their contribution as they bring new initiatives and energy to the development of CAAS.   I hope that you, the members, will get behind the initiatives coming out of the committee by supporting and participating in activities whenever you can.  Look out for activities such as En Plein Air sessions and Art Evenings to name a few.

A new storage shed has just been erected at the rear of the CAAS headquarters.   After some serious submission writing, our Treasurer Steve Anderson managed to secure the funding and then quickly got the builders onsite to erect this new facility.   The shed will provide well-needed storage space and as a result, relive some of the pressure within the main facility.

I hope by now that you have your Advocate Art Award entry finished and have already entered.  Entries close at 5pm on Friday the 15th July.   Drop-off and pick-up details are on the entry form.  To enter follow the prompts in the drop down TABs above, or pick up an entry form at one of the art supply outlets in town.  This is the major event on our calendar and so we urge you to enter.  It is a fantastic opportunity to have your work displayed in the wonderful Araluen gallery and indeed to sell your work or win an award.  Please make sure that you read all of the entry rules carefully and please avoid listing the selling price well above market value.  If you need any advice over the price of your work or have any other questions regarding the Advocate Art Award, then please don’t hesitate to contact the Art Society.

I wish you every success with your entry.

Happy in Art

Ron Talbot,