A Man and His Hat – Exhibition

A Man and His Hat

The Residency Arts Program is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Alice Springs artist

Betty Davies

Through a series of impressionistic portraits, the significance of the iconic stockman’s hat is presented as a tribute to the bushmen of Central Australia.

‘A hat defines a man in terms of identity and lifestyle, and much careful deliberation goes into the choosing of this treasured item of male attire’

Join us at the Residency for the opening
Sat 1st July at 11 am

The Residency is located on the corner of Parsons and Hartley Streets

4 comments on “A Man and His Hat – Exhibition

  1. CAAS says:

    this will be a fantastic exhibition from Betty.

    • Looks fabulous! A pity I’m not in Alice for this one

      • CAAS says:

        Many thanks for the support Beverley. Hope you are making/finding art wherever you are!

      • Beverley Coleclough says:

        i love to keep p with what you’re all doing in Alice even if I can’t always be there! I’m kept pretty busy and putting work into exhibitions here into the UK … nearly all of my work is based on my researches from my times in Alice so can be there in spirit if not in reality. You can see some of it on my website. Hope to get back there soon. Tried to post my website on the bottom of the page but won’t accept it, so here it is:-

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