Advocate Art Award, 2019

Excellence Prize

winner 2019

My Friend and Housemate

Artist: Chris Ng


Other winners

  • Faces Prize – Martin (Marty) Geraghty –   (Bellette Media – Artist: Matthew Grant)
  • Places Prize – A Hide of Babblers –   (Memory of Iain Campbell – Artist: Jude Mapleson)
  • Stories Prize – She and Her Horse are Desert Bred –   (Alice Springs Art Foundation – Artist: Angus  McIvor)
  • Jackson’s Drawing Supplies Prize – Dizzy on Caffeine –   (Artist: Sharney Haynes)
  • Framed in Alice Prize – All the Fruit That’s Fit to Print –   (Artist: Chips Mackinolty)
  • Leaping Lizards Gallery Prize – Kurrajong –   (Artist: Jennifer Taylor)
  • Desert Festival Poster Prize (celebrating Living in Central Australia)  – Phoenix Interrupted –   (Artist: Rick Lausberg)

The Preparation

D1 S1 D3

The lead-in

di e2 e3
e4 e5 46
47.JPG e8.JPG e9

The formalities

f1 f2
f3 f4 f5

The viewing

V9 deb v7
v6 v5 v4
v3 v2 v1

The aftermath

a11 a2 a3

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