About CAAS

We are a  volunteer group dedicated for more than 50 years to giving Central Australian artists the support and inspiration needed to develop skills, and local residents an opportunity to participate in, and enjoy, a vibrant and creative community.

 For over 30 years a major activity on the Art Society calendar each year has been The Advocate Art Award, an exhibition enabling all local artists, regardless of proficiency, to exhibit their works. In addition we provide opportunities for artists to work together in workshops, en plein air drawing and painting and studio life drawing.

Committee 2013/14


President:           Dugald Beattie 0409 174 719

Vice President:      Vacant

Secretary:           Mark Wilson    secretaryCAAS@iinet.net.au

Life Drawing Co-ordinator:   lifedrawingCAAS@iinet.net.au

Treasurer:          Steve Anderson

Committee:  Office bearers above plus: Bev Gray, Alan Saunders, Francoise Barkeij Builder, Helen Meredith.

Blog design by WordPress,  Site Management:  Mark Wilson. Thanks to Ardys Zoellner who set up the page many years ago.

One comment on “About CAAS

  1. Francoise Builder says:

    Can’t see Francoise on committee photograph!!??!!

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