Central Australian Art Society (CAAS) is continually growing and improving so donations towards its projects and activities are always most appreciated.

We also welcome  Corporate Sponsorship.  Please contact us separately to discuss promotional opportunities.

A tax deductible receipt for donations over $2 will be issued.
Donations over $50 will be recognized on our website
(unless you prefer to remain anonymous)

 Continued support is needed for:

  • The new art shed which is not yet finished.
  • Landscaping.
  • Capital building and other projects
  • Equipment replacement
  • Inside and outside improvements.
  • An expanded exhibition progam.
  • The ‘Advocate Art Award’ – a major annual exhibition for local artists.

Opening of The Advocate Art Award

To make a donation, please fill the on-line form below with your details and make your payment either by direct debit or cheque/money order as shown.

DIRECT DEBIT (preferred)
Name: CAAS Donations Account
Bank: CBA
BSB: 065900
Acct: 10498626

Please use your full name as reference.

The Secretary
PO Box 652
Alice Springs
NT 0871
Make sure your NAME is included

(NB: This is a different account from Membership or Advocate Art Award entry.

Click the ‘Submit‘ button
To confirm that your donation form has been sent, CLICK HERE

If you see a messsage saying your form is ‘INCOMPLETE‘, scroll back, fill in the incomplete boxes on the form then click the ‘SUBMIT’ button again.

Thank you for your generosity. We will send you a receipt soon.

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