Reports: 2012-13

President’s Address 


Good afternoon everyone and thank you for attending the Central Australian Art Society’s 2013 AGM.

I’d like to take a few moments to touch upon some of the highlights that have occurred in the period since our last AGM.

Shed Development

  • The CAAS headquarters (The Shed) was officially opened on Friday 25th May, 2012 by the Hon Terry McCarthy Minister for Arts and Museums along with Her Honour the Deputy Administrator, the Honourable Dr Pat Miller.
  • Whilst we rightly celebrated the opening of the Shed, much work has gone on since with regard to bringing the CAAS headquarters and grounds up to Certificate of Occupancy standards.  This has meant gaining a number of Certificates of Compliance and dealing with various authorities such as: NT Lands and Planning, PowerWater, Alice Springs Town Council and the Project Building Certifiers to name a few.  Issues such as: the need for further storm water drainage; concreting of the footpath driveway; a special sewerage inspection outlet; car park planning and construction caught us somewhat by surprise but had to be dealt with before we could become compliant.  However, through the dogged persistence and hard work of committee members (particularly by Dugald Beattie and Steve Anderson), we are finally at the point of gaining our certificate. A special mention must go to Cameron Morgan who has provided invaluable engineering, planning advice and engineering site drawings as we move toward certification.
  • You will notice that things are happening with the landscaping of the grounds thanks to the good work of Bev Grey.  Trees and shrubs are growing well and there is plenty of water saving ideas being implemented.
  • I should add that the Shed Lease has been renewed with the NT government for another 5 years, starting from 12 December 2012.


  • The 2012 Advocate Art award was very successful with over $10,800 in sales occurring, being twice that of the previous year.

People were able to enter the Award on-line for the first time.

Just as we were starting to gear up for this year’s Advocate Art Award, Scott James (General Manager of the Centralian Advocate) informed CAAS that they will not be able to provide the same level of cash sponsorship that we have previously enjoyed.  Key CAAS committee members subsequently met with the Centralian Advocate representatives where they agreed to provide the following sponsorship for this year’s event:

  • Excellence Prize $2,000
  • People’s choice Prize $1,000
  • In-kind support via the newspaper.

Unfortunately the cash prizes for the three categories (Faces, Place, and Stories) were left unfunded.  CAAS will top up the Excellence Prize to its current level of $2,500 and the People’s Choice to its current level of $1,200. Since then, the CAAS committee has been active in seeking new sponsors for these categories and I’m pleased to announce the following sponsorships:

  • Faces Prize – $800 sponsorship from Bellette Media
  • Places Prize – $800 sponsorship from Chapman & Bailey (Art Supplies)
  • Stories Prize – $800 sponsorship from 8Hele Gallery.

We also lost the support of ‘The Framin Place’ given that they closed down their business this year.  But I’m pleased to announce that ‘Framed in Alice’ has kindly filled that void.  All other sponsorship arrangements remain the same.

So, after a short period of uncertainty, we can now say that the 2013 Advocate Art Award will definitely be going ahead.   It is hoped that the Community benefits Fund application will be successful and therefore make up this year’s shortfall.  CAAS members have been kept informed about all of these developments.

  • A CAAS Programme Sub Committee was formed this year and its role is to develop a yearly calendar of activities.  It will seek ways of promoting these activities; how to cover costs and how to organise events.  The Program Sub – Committee has met on a number of occasions and has indeed produced a 2013 Calendar of Events.  Shed exhibition dates and other activities have been identified and expression of interest for holding exhibitions is being sought from members.
  • CAAS has developed its Exhibition Guidelines, which form part of the CAAS Policy, and Procedures document.  As the title suggests, these will help guide exhibition applicants through the process (and indeed CAAS organisers) plus provide copies of the associated application documents.  The guidelines will shortly appear on the CAAS Blog.
  • In anticipation of growing activities in the Shed, CAAS has developed a new shed logo (thanks to Pauline Clack) that we hope will help promote the Shed as a centre of art activity.
  • A Member’s Exhibition was held as part of the Shed Opening and proved very successful with a large crowd attending.  It is hoped that this will become an annual event.
  • Henry Smith’s Exhibition “Sing for Your Supper” opened on Saturday 25 August accompanied by the Asante Sana Choir.  This was the first solo exhibition to be held in the new shed and CAAS was very proud to showcase such a talented and respected member’s work plus have the sounds of the Asante Sana Choir fill the space of the new building.
  • Both Sunday’s sessions and Wednesday night ‘Long Pose” sessions of Life Drawing continue to be popular and I’d like to thank both Mark Wilson and Cameron Morgan for their efforts here.
  • A successful 2-day Life Drawing workshop entitled, “Bring your Drawing to Life” was run by Manuela Pilz recently.  This attracted both members and non-members to the Shed and apart from providing excellent skills, provided the opportunity to promote CAAS and what we do.
  • A busy second half of last year meant that En Plein Air activities were curtailed.  However, plans have been put in place for a series of En Plein Air activities at some of the locations where CAAS has connections over the past 50 years. We will also make the occasional foray out bush.
  • CAAS was founded on the 12th March, 1963 and therefore turned 50 years this year.  Dugald Beattie has kindly agreed to coordinate a 50 year celebration sometime later in the year.

As part of this celebration CAAS is endeavouring to recognise the outstanding contribution of Homer Codere who recently stepped down from the committee after 40 years of service.

  • At this point I’d like to thank the out-going committee members for their dedication and hard work.  I’d like to particularly thank Mark Wilson as secretary who true to form, has kept us all very honest and on time and produced great sets of minutes!  I’d also like to thank Steve Anderson as treasurer who once again for management of our finances.  I always get the sense that with Steve’s hands on the steering wheel we’re never going to crash, even when things seem a little out of control. It has been a privilege working with you all and I thank you all for giving up your precious time in taking up these voluntary roles.  On that note, I’d like to especially thank Pauline Clack for her contribution.  Pauline is stepping down from the committee but assures us that she will lend a hand whenever she can.

The Future

  • Now that we are over the shed building side of things and just about ‘over-the-line’ regarding the Certificate of Occupancy, we can now seriously turn our attention to the sorts of art activities that our members find attractive.  We have a calendar that is starting to fill up with exhibitions, workshops and other activities which all go well for CAAS.  As a participant in the recent Life Drawing workshop and of late, a regular at the Long Pose sessions, it is very heartening to see the shed being used in such a way.  This is after all why we exist, to provide this support and opportunity.  As our 2010-2015 Mission Statements says “… effectively give Central Australian Artists the support and inspiration needed to develop skills and opportunities and provide local residents with the opportunity to participate in and enjoy a vibrant and creative community here in the Red Centre of Australia.”

Thank you.

Ron Talbot

May 5, 2013

From The President

28th April 2013

 It’s been a busy month with lots to do but now that the weather has turned we are setting our sites on activities both within and outside the CAAS headquarters.

As Sunday 5 May is the last meeting before our AGM, I’d like to take this opportunity of thanking the current CAAS committee members for all of their efforts over the past year.  It has been a honour to work with such talented and dedicated group of people, all of whom have made a huge contribution to the develop of CAAS over the last year.

Please show your support for the Art Society by attending the AGM (3.00pm Sunday 5th at our headquarters in Crispe St.).

Just as we were starting to gear up for this year’s Advocate Art Award, Scott James (General Manager of the Centralian Advocate) informed me that they will not be able to provide the same level of cash sponsorship that we have previously enjoyed.  Myself and other key committee members subsequently met with executive members of the Centralian Advocate and the upshot is that they will provide the following sponsorship for this year’s event:

  • Excellence Prize $2,000
  • People’s choice Prize $1,000
  • In-kind support via the newspaper.

CAAS will top up the Excellence Prize to its current level of $2,500 and the People’s Choice to its current level of $1,200.  Therefore cash prizes for the three categories (Faces, Place, Stories) were left unfunded. CAAS is currently working hard to find sponsors for these three categories and will keep you informed of developments.  What we can say however is that the 2013 Advocate Art Award will definitely be going ahead.  I therefore encourage members to be considering their entries and to keep an eye on our Blog and your email accounts for further updates.  Things are moving in the right direction but we obviously need to clarify the situation as soon as possible.

We are now very close to gaining a Certificate of Occupancy for our headquarters.  This has proven to be a fairly long and complex process, one that has plenty of pitfalls for the unwary.  However, through the dedication and persistence of some committee members we have been able to push through some significant barriers to a point where we now only have some paperwork to finalise plus pass a final inspection. We’ll keep you informed of progress.

The committee is developing a programme of activities for the rest of 2013.  Building certification demands have set back this important task but we hope to have a copy of our updated 2013 calendar available to members very soon.  We have started to target individual members to see if they are interested in holding an exhibition at the shed.  Contact any committee members if you are interested otherwise keep an eye on the CAAS Blog or your email for more details.

Speaking of activities, many of you will know that CAAS turned 50 this year.  Being able to sustain a voluntary organization for 50 years is a remarkable achievement and this milestone can’t be taken lightly. CAAS is therefore in the process of organising a 50-year birthday celebration to occur later in the year.  Dugald Beatie is the main co-ordinator for this event and will contacting members for their input and support as things develop.

A very successful Life Drawing workshop (facilitated by the talented Manuela Pilz, an art teacher from the Gold Coast,) has just concluded at the Art Shed.  It was very pleasing to see such a well-organised and well-attended activity happening at the Shed.

Happy Art.

Ron Talbot

CAAS President

(No March Report)

From The President

February 24,  2013

A somewhat belated but warm welcome back to all members and I do hope you had a wonderful Christmas break and have now settled into 2013.

2013 is shaping up to be an interesting year for CAAS.  With the shed all but finished, we can now concentrate on activities taking place within this marvellous facility.  As such, the committee is about to start working on a programme of art related activities for the year.  These will include: members’ exhibitions; workshops; life drawing sessions; artist talks and social gatherings.  So please keep an eye out for it – we will publish the programme on our web page plus keep you informed via email.  Having said that, we would love to hear from you about what you would like to see happening at the Shed.  Maybe you would like to hold your own exhibition, run a workshop or have a particular workshop provided?  We certainly have the talent and experience within our membership to make it happen.  So please contact us and tell us about your ideas or requests (go to our web site and click on “Contact Us”).

We will of cause still be holding the Advocate Art Award (opens on Friday 26th July at Araluen), along with the usual Life Drawing sessions and En Plein Air trips out bush.

Meanwhile there are a few tasks that must be completed in order to meet regulations regarding occupancy of the building.  These include; the completion of car parking facilities, some storm water drainage issues and the concreting of the driveway.  The committee is working hard to address these issues and I expect some progress to have occurred by the next time I report.

Speaking of the committee, we are keen to add a couple more members to the group.  So if you want to get more involved plus meet some great people, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

The committee will meet for the first time this year on the 24th February at the Shed.

Till next time,

Happy Art

Ron Talbot


CAAS President’s Report

 September 1,  2012

 The Advocate Art Award proved to be very successful this year demonstrating that if we dare to try something different and are well organised, we can provide excellent events.  I’ll ask Betty to come to the next meeting so that she can provide us with a comprehensive run down on this year’s event.  However in the meantime, I’ve received lots of positive comments about the Award this year with the Director of the Araluen Cultural Precinct, Tim Rollason being one of the most positive.  This is the last time that Betty Davies will coordinate the Award so let me take this opportunity to thank Betty most sincerely for all of her excellent work over the past years and for leaving the Award in such good shape.

With the Advocate Art Award now behind us and before we start the run down to the end of the year, it’s time to focus on other matters.

There is one pressing issue that we must address and that’s preparing the shed for inspection by the building certifiers and gaining a Certificate of Occupancy.  One of the most important things to do is to build a disabled car-parking bay, including the appropriate signage.  We have until October to finalise things otherwise we will be up for further payment.

We also need to continue to develop our Policies and Procedures documents especially those concerning the use of the shed for exhibitions and the like.  Henry’s exhibition was very successful and while I supplied him with draft exhibition documentation that we had developed, the whole process was somewhat disjointed.  However, I’d like to quickly add that Henry was very grateful for all of the assistance he received from CAAS committee members and I’d like to also add my thanks to those that lent a hand.

I think that we need to revisit the sub committees that are currently in place, look at their role and to reorganise them if necessary.  I am particularly keen to see a sub committee that deals with developing future shed activities.  The shed is our greatest asset and we therefore need to make it available for members to visit and to use.

It’s unfortunate that I have been so indisposed of late but I’m sure that we can get the momentum going now that some of the major events are behind us.


Ron Talbot

28th August 2012

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