Reports: 2015-16

From the President

March 2016 

Greetings to members,

I’ve had the pleasure of recently attending two CAAS functions that made me realise just how valuable our society is in terms of supporting art in Central Australia.

The first was the CAAS Members Exhibition held at the Art Shed on Sunday March 6.  Whilst this was a fairly small, low key affair, it did bring members, friends and families together to enjoy seeing some fine pieces of work, hearing the artists speak and relaxing over a glass of wine and some nibbles.  It turned out to be a very pleasurable occasion and one that I hope we can repeat again in the not to distant future.

The second one was the Long Pose Life Drawing session held at the Art Shed on Wednesday March 9.  Our Secretary, Mark Wilson had weaved his usual organisational magic to ensure that we had a model in attendance and the place set up ready to go.  It was a very well attended with hardly an easel to spare.  The energy was obvious with extended periods of concentrated effort accompanied by the scratching of charcoal and the occasional splashing of paint.  The short breaks were eagerly taken over a glass of wine or cuppa and participants strolled around seeing what others were up to.  The French backpacker model thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will be taking home some good memories.   I certainly saw a lot of happy, satisfied people that night and realised what a tremendous service our organization provides.

So, keep your eyes on our calendar and make sure that you come along to the next event…. you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

As always, happy art and I look forward to seeing you at the Art Shed!

Ron Talbot


From the President

February 2016


Greetings to members,

I hope that you are all surviving the hot weather without too much trouble. I always feel that I’ve had enough by the time that we reach February and start to have thoughts about why I live here! However, we all know that change is just around the corner and that life will return to normal. We will soon be able to go out into the wonderful Central Australian landscape armed with our art gear without the fear of being fried and frazzled!

In the meantime the CAAS committee continues to meet and is working hard to bring some interesting events to you our members and to the general public.

For example, next Sunday 6th March we will hold a ‘One size fits all’ members’ exhibition at the Crispe Street Art Shed. It’s for one afternoon only from 2-5pm. So please bring family and friends and join us over a glass of wine and nibbles.

The committee is also working closely with the Department of Correctional Services to host this year’s ‘Art Escape’ exhibition that will be open at the Art Shed in Crispe Street on 29th April 2016. This follows last year’s very successful inaugural exhibition of artwork work from the inmates of the Alice Springs prison. So please earmark that date so as not to miss a special event.

This year’s Advocate Art Award will open on 29th July and although that may seem a long time away, I’d encourage you all to start thinking about your entry and to talk to other artists about entering.   This is a chance to have your work exhibited at Araluen and to be in the running to win on of the great prizes on offer.

Speaking of Araluen, I’d like to take this opportunity of welcoming Mark Crees as the new director of the Araluen Cultural Precinct.   CAAS has a long history of collaborating with Araluen and therefore we very much look forward to working with Mark and his team to help bring quality art to our community.

CAAS has been successful in obtaining funds to build a storage shed on our grounds at Crispe Street.   This will help alleviate some of the storage problems that currently exist inside the Art Shed. We will need a hand to clear the site before the builders arrive so keep in contact and we’ll let you know when that working bee in on.

As always, happy art and I look forward to seeing you at the Art Shed!



Ron Talbot



From the President

October 2015


Greetings to members,

It was nice to return to Alice Springs after a two-month travel stint in New Zealand and to realise just how busy this town is when it comes to the arts. The Desert Mob exhibition was on, Wearable Arts was just about to happen and we were about to launch our first ‘Art Escape’ exhibition at the Shed. Although a relatively small town, it seems to me that we are a big art community. Not that the Kiwis are slouches when it comes to the arts. The country has a vibrant arts industry that is expressed across the two islands at every opportunity. Maybe it’s the stunning countryside and deep-rooted indigenous culture that are the motivating factors, much the same as it is here in Central Australia.

The Art Escape exhibition, a collaboration between CAAS and the NT Department of Correctional Service, opened at the Art Shed on Friday 16th October and closed on Sunday 25th October. Artists and crafts men & women from the Alice Springs Corrections Centre were able to display their considerable talents at our headquarters. This was a significant event, with the Opening by the Minister for Correctional Services the Hon. John Elferink. We are already involved in discussions about holding it again next year and hope that it will become a regular event on our annual calendar.   Sadly only a handful of members attended the exhibition, so once again I’m appealing to all members to support events that the committee has worked hard to provide.

Our Members Exhibition is scheduled to occur on Saturday 12 December in combination with our Christmas party, so please keep this date free. We will be inviting members to provide a piece of fixed-size work for the exhibition. More details will be provided shortly, however I should stress that the future of the exhibition rests on the response from members and the committee.

Events at the Shed are ongoing for your pleasure and for the opportunity of meeting like-minded people. You can go to our website (blog) to find out more about CAAS activities and I certainly encourage you to sign up on our website to receive automated email reminders of upcoming events (go to upper right hand side to find how to follow the Blog via email).

As always, we look forward to seeing you at the Shed!

Happy Art!

Ron Talbot


From the President

June 2015


Greetings to members, families and friends.

Following our AGM meeting on 16 May 2015 we now have a new committee that is already working hard for the betterment of CAAS and its members. I’d like to welcome new committee members, Vicki Skoss, Helen Meridith and Katherine Wilton. The rest of the committee remains the same except that Andrew Edwards and Jeanette Cook have stepped down. I’d like to take this opportunity of thanking both Andrew and Jeanette for their services and to wish them all the best in the future.

Well I hope that you are keeping up with developments around the Advocate Art Award that opens 6.00pm at Araluen on Friday 24th July. Promotional articles are appearing in the Centralian Advocate and there are posters up around town. Entries close at 6.00pm, Friday 10th July and please be aware that late entries will not be accepted! Go to the CAAS website, and click on “Advocate Art Award’ (up the top of the page) to get all the information and entry form. It is important that you read and adhere to the “Conditions of Entry” that appears on this page. You can pay for your entry fee on-line and also renew your membership (due 30th June) whilst you are at it. We look forward to seeing your entry and seeing you on the night of July 24th at Araluen.

I am putting out a call to all members to try participating in at least some of the activities that CAAS provides. CAAS has a wonderful range of activities for you to enjoy, from Life Drawing sessions to the Advocate Art Award.   These are run in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere and attended by people who love their art and the pleasure of meeting like-minded people.   The best way to catch-up with us is to go to our website – to find out what’s going on and how to get involved. Then take the next simple step of turning up – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

‘Till next time … Happy Art

Ron Talbot

CAAS President.

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