Opening Celebration: May 2012

Warming Up

Warming Up …

As-Jazz’s Peter & Nicola Gilham

Custodian Doris Stuart

Dan Murphy

President Ron Talbot, VIP’s and guests


CAAS President Ron Talbot



The Hon MLA Minister for Arts and Museums Gerry McCarthy, opening Art Shed and Exhibition.

Deputy of the Administrator, Mrs Pat Miller AO and Minister McCarthy





Click to see further images of OpeningOpening Night in the new Gallery


Henry Smith


2 comments on “Opening Celebration: May 2012

  1. Betty Davies says:

    Great photos, Mark. I watched you climbing ladders…..and perhaps even walls??….to get these….so thanks!!

  2. Anthony (Antz) Dent says:

    As someone who would have loved to be there but was unable, thanks Mark for your photo’s. You have done a great job of capturing the vibe of the evening and the characters involved. Of course you used a ladder, I pictured you on stilts or trampolene perhaps….

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