The movie ‘Rembrandt’ is coming to the cinema.

REmb2Date: Sunday 29th September

Session time: 2:00pm

Come and join us if you want. No need to reply.


Every Rembrandt exhibition is eagerly anticipated but this major new show hosted by London’s National Gallery and Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum was an event like no other. Given exclusive, privileged access to both galleries, the film documents this landmark exhibition whilst interweaving Rembrandt’s life story with behind-the-scenes preparations at these world famous institutions.

The exhibition focuses on the highlights from the final years of Rembrandt’s life, commonly thought to be his finest years. The masterpieces he produced during this period could be called his defining works, with each piece so soulful and honest that they helped sculpt our idea of Rembrandt as a man and as an artist.

This film explores each of the exhibition’s key works, through contributions from specially invited guests including curators and leading art historians. For many, Rembrandt is the greatest artist that ever lived and this film seeks to explore the truth about the man behind the legend.

Walk In The Art

Join members of the Central Australian Art Society, artists and friends to wrap up the Advocate Art Award, 2019, and present the

People’s Choice Award

  • Date: Sunday 11th August
  • Time: 2:00pm
  • Venue: Gallery 1, Araluen Arts Centre.

Hear from the artists. Ask questions. Learn techniques and secrets.

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The Advocate Art Award closes on Monday 12th August.
See you there.

Advocate Art Award, 2019

Excellence Prize

winner 2019

My Friend and Housemate

Artist: Chris Ng


Other winners

  • Faces Prize – Martin (Marty) Geraghty –   (Bellette Media – Artist: Matthew Grant)
  • Places Prize – A Hide of Babblers –   (Memory of Iain Campbell – Artist: Jude Mapleson)
  • Stories Prize – She and Her Horse are Desert Bred –   (Alice Springs Art Foundation – Artist: Angus  McIvor)
  • Jackson’s Drawing Supplies Prize – Dizzy on Caffeine –   (Artist: Sharney Haynes)
  • Framed in Alice Prize – All the Fruit That’s Fit to Print –   (Artist: Chips Mackinolty)
  • Leaping Lizards Gallery Prize – Kurrajong –   (Artist: Jennifer Taylor)
  • Desert Festival Poster Prize (celebrating Living in Central Australia)  – Phoenix Interrupted –   (Artist: Rick Lausberg)

The Preparation

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The lead-in

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The formalities

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The viewing

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The aftermath

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Advocate Art Award, 2019

Welcome to the prestigious  Advocate Art Award, 2019′.

Please join us for the opening and award presentation.

  • Date: Friday 26th July
  • Time: 6:00pm
  • Venue: Araluen Arts Centre, Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs.

(Winner 2018 Advocate Art Award – Rhys Burnie)


Advocate Art Award, 2019

Congratulations if you have entered the prestigious ‘Advocate Art Award, 2019’.

Delivery of entries: (Late deliveries may not be accepted.)


  • Dates: Monday 22nd or Tues 23rd July,
  • Venue: Gallery 1, Araluen Arts Centre, Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs.
  • Time: between 10:00am and 4:00pm

Exhibition opens: Friday 26th July – 6:00pm – Araluen Arts Centre

Good luck


(Winner 2018 Advocate Art Award – Rhys Burnie)