Betty Davies

Painting was something that I stumbled upon later in life, after the realisation came that once you reach mid life, you can do whatever you choose to do, regardless of whether you ultimately prove to be successful … or not.

I built myself a studio on our Victorian property, and for the next 12 years painted in solitude, as I simply enjoyed the process of painting, and was quite content to paint just for my own private pleasure.

Becoming a member of CAAS and entering a painting in the Advocate Art Award was quite a quantum leap for me, however I find that I am actually enjoying the process and have discovered that mixing with other artists gives one both the inspiration and the motivation to move on (hopefully) to the next stage of the journey!


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One comment on “Betty Davies

  1. nick guthrie says:

    Hi Betty,

    It’s nick guthrie here.

    I just wanted to make contact with you and express my gratitude to you. You see a few years back I noticed a painting in a window of an art gallery on Todd mall of an aboriginal man seeming to look down, the painting has a mixture of white, orangey/brown and grey through it. The painting had such an instant impact on me. I believe it is one of your paintings (it does have the signature Betty D, bottom right corner). This painting says so much to me, and is probably one of my most treasured possessions.
    To mention, I have worked in the past in a variety of community service work positions here in Alice. The picture speaks to me through this work, and experience.

    For this, my heartfelt thanks.

    nick guthrie

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