Henry Smith

A face a tree, there may be many but each one unique each with a particular identity. Faces present an engaging challenge in finding a meaningful expression of them, a likeness, a look, a feeling, a place or activity that they hold dear are all possibilities for a portrait. Trees stand like sentinels watching the passing of time, offering shade and a home for many creatures. They are strong yet vulnerable in their constant dance with the elements making them ideal subjects for a portrait. By giving each tree a G.P.S. coordinate it places them in the landscape at an address adding another layer to the idea of tree as a portrait.


Contact Henry at : henry.smith@cdu.edu.au

Petty's Opera 1

Ross River watercolour 760x570

Rod Moss

Jay Creek 02 watercolour 760x570

Bitter Springs Root 02 watercolour 760x570

Todd River watercolour 520x1320







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