Ruth Robertson


My name is Rooth (Ruth Robertson ) I have been an artist for over 40 years. I have lived in the Northern Territory for approximately 6 years, with 3 years in Alice. I love to paint my stories about living in  Alice, its people and the wonderful colours of the central desert. Because I am of aboriginal descent I live in two worlds and express my experiences from that viewpoint.


yirara order 002

gloria 2010 001

Image Cropped


cheeky dog ride 001


11 comments on “Ruth Robertson

  1. Craig says:

    When is the next time Rooth is going to be at the Sunday Markets in Alice Springs? I saw a painting about Cheeky Dogs hiding from the ranger awhile back, but I missed out on buying it. Thanks.

  2. June says:

    May I please have the sizes and priced of Ruth’s paintings presented here

    • CAAS says:

      June, you can contact Rooth via our sponsor Leaping Lizards Gallery in Alice where she regularly displays her work. Phone (08) 8952 5021.

  3. carolyn lund says:

    I absolutely LOVE your work.I wish I could afford an original.On that note do you have any work that has been put into numbered prints?I have been unable to find any in the USA,and I would be so interested in purchasing if available. Again very lovely work.

  4. CAAS says:

    Carolyn, send me an email (See the ‘Contact Us’ page TAB. I will forward your email to Rooth.

  5. Jo Wall says:

    Hi I used to live in Alice and bought a cheeky dogs canvas some years ago. Any possibility I can purchase another ? I love Sturt pea and Uluru that you had also.
    Many thanks

  6. Helen Kearney says:

    I love Rooth work as well. I would of loved to be able to afford original of The Ghan. I was sad I didn’t when left Alice!
    I would love to see a picture of it on the web.
    Has Rooth done any other painting with The Ghan theme?

  7. John Plaut says:

    Have u got any Ruth Robertson paintings for sale ? Can u email pics , sizes and prices to
    We are art dealers in Perth
    Kind regards
    John and Angie

    • CAAS says:

      John & Angie I have written on Ruth’s FB page asking here to check here. But you might do the same. A simple search “Rooth Robertson” will find her.

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